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Caring for your real Christmas Tree is easy. The most important thing to remember is that real trees need water—just like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

When you bring the Christmas Tree home, make a fresh cut about an inch above the original cut until you reach fresh wood. This removes the sap seal which prevents your tree from absorbing water. Immediately place your tree in a large container of fresh water. Trees are very thirsty and may drink one gallon or more of water per day for the first few days, then decrease their intake. Check the water supply daily and replenish as needed. If you allow the water level to drop below the fresh cut, a new seal will form and the tree will no longer absorb water and a new cut will be necessary. Until you are ready to decorate the tree, keep it outdoors, protected from the wind and sun (always in water.)

In the house, place you tree away from fireplaces and other heat sources. Carefully check all electric lights and connections before decorating your tree and home. Do not use lights with worn or frayed cords and never use lighted candles. Be sure to turn off all decorations before retiring at night and at anytime you leave home.

As long as your tree is drinking water, it will be soft, fragrant, fire resistant and fresh! Congratulations on making the best environmental choice for this holiday season. Real Christmas Trees are recyclable, renewable, act as a wildlife refuge and provide oxygen.