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23803 Decker Prairie-Rosehill Rd. | Magnolia, TX 77355 | 281-259-8114
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Frequntly Asked Questions


How do we care for our Christmas Tree after we cut it?
Your fresh cut tree is similar to a fresh cut flower. It needs to placed in water as soon as possible after cutting. If it will be more than an hour , then a fresh cut of 1 inch needs to be made on the bottom of the trunk to ensure that the tree takes up water. We recommend placing your tree in a stand that holds enough water to cover the trunk and remember to add water daily. Fresh trees drink lots of water initially, then, will taper off. Do not ever let them go dry. The tree will seal itself and will no longer take up water.


How long does it take to grow a Christmas Tree?
Both the Virginia Pine and Leyland Cypress are fast growing trees. It takes about 3 years for them to reach 5 to 6 feet tall. They generally grow 2 feet a year. We generally receive plentiful rainfall, but we do irrigate when necessary to achieve 2 feet of growth per year.


Do we bring our own saw?
We provide hand saws for cutting your tree. Some folks bring their own. But, please chain saws are not allowed!

We also offer daytime school tours of the farm as well as nighttime hayride group events. Please visit our Group Events page for reservation information. We offer an educational and fun outing for groups of all sizes and ages!

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